GiC 001: From Christian to Agnostic – A Hope Deferred with David Outten

The first ever episode of the God is Close Podcast!Agnostic Symbol by Salvador Dali

These are exciting times, the day that the podcast is released! I imagine this is what it’s like to see your baby birthed. In all seriousness I’m excited to get this podcast started. My dream for this podcast is to challenge believers and non-believers alike to consider the depth of what we believe. To challenge flippant belief into convicted faith.

I’m excited for this first episode because I think it challenges Christians a lot! And that’s good because we need a good challenging. A good kick in the butt. My friend David Outten does just that as he unwraps the major reasons why he became agnostic.

Check it out below, I’ve attached show-notes below as well as a PDF of the transcript.

Disclaimer: Since this was in fact my first podcast I’m still figuring out the technical side of things. So… the sound quality is not always the greatest, but the content is still great. Thanks for the grace!

In this episode of the God is Close podcast my friend David Outten is very vulnerable about his reasons from denouncing his faith in Christ and becoming Agnostic.

Just about a year ago David was a defender of the faith, someone who was always trying to show the truth in Christianity to those who just simply could not believe. He was a practicing Christian bent on proving Christianity right.

Yet, behind his diligent journey to defend Christianity he still had major struggles and doubts. After certain life experiences and the facts that he found as he studied science he decided that Christianity could not be true.

That was the end of life as a Christian for David.

 Specifically in this episode you will hear:

  • How David became a Christian to begin with? (What were the circumstances that brought him to believe in Jesus. His testimony, if you will.) 
  • The beginnings of David’s doubts
  • The reasons that lead David to renounce his faith
  • Why David chose to be agnostic
  • What it means to be agnostic
  • David’s moral and emotional struggles with the God of the Bible
  • The science that proved Christianity improbable
  • Ultimately why he became agnostic
I asked David to give me a few references that were influential in forming his agnostic beliefs; here are some of those references:

Verses mentioned in this episode:

Other references within this episode:

Thanks everybody for listening to the very first episode of the God is Close podcast! Please come back to see the next episode. I may just have the craziest guest possible! Let us know what you thought in the comments. If you felt like I didn’t ask a certain question, or if you have responses to some of David’s points please let us know down in the comments section.

Thanks again!



Interview Transcript [David Outten]

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